Butchart Tattoo

About Butchart Tattoo

travis.pngCalifornia is without a doubt a hotbed for tattooed art and culture. There is no better example for this than Travis Butchart. Born and raised in California, he embodies the very soul of the tattoo culture. Starting his career in 2005 in the city of Bakersfield, Travis' skills have taken him to Pismo Beach, Santa Barbara, and most recently San Diego, where he currently calls home. Travis is one of the newest faces at Propaganda Tattoo in Point Loma, adding to their already impressive roster of artists.

Influenced by classic artists such as Sailor Jerry, Adam Barton and Cliff Raven, Travis enjoys working in all styles, but truly thrives with Japanese, traditional and floral designs, which are his favorites. His approach to tattooing is to create a relationship with the client; to uncover the meaning, inspiration and approach to the tattoo. It's more than a few lines of ink under the skin - it's a story. His goal is to help his client tell a story through art. This is what draws his clients in and has them coming back, over and over again.

Always the consummate artist, when Travis isn't working on skin, he's sketching and painting. In addition to a substantial portfolio of tattoos, he's now adding to that list with a number of pieces in watercolors, oils and acrylics. If you're ready to start planning your next piece of work or have any questions for Travis, give him a call at 619-226-6192 or